Brief swimwear styles include many new trends some of which are so new you might not be familiar with them. One of the hottest is male to female transformation femme style swimwear for men and micro short shorts for men. Short shorts offer a very athletic yet sexy style and include many different pouch styles. These are shorts that are designed as swimwear yet are at home at the gym and even for running around town. The are consider brief swimwear because they still show a lot of skin with most of the designs created to expose some cheek. On the other end of the spectrum are the male to female designs that erase the male equipment and let the wearer appear completely female when looking at the pouch. Some show a flat smooth look while others feature a lip style pouch. Swimwear trends and styles are changing fast but there is no doubt that sexy brief styles are the wave today and in the future!

There is brief and then there is insanely brief. The brief swimwear offered by Koala Men's swimwear is the last word in brief. We offer micro bikinis, micro shorts, hot thongs, pouch only designs, male to female transformation and so much more. All made in the USA by the spandex boys of Koala.

Above is a bulge pouch style pair of short shorts and below are two different femme style men's swimwear designs by Koala.

Brief Swimwear for men.

Brief Swimwear

Bikinis, thongs, G-strings and so much more all for men!

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